Week Two


I teach high school art, and I created a lesson for the Art History unit that is taught in the Art IV class.  Students will have a chance to explore different artists, and they have to choose an artist and artwork.  They will have to research the artist and and the artwork and fill out a worksheet as they go.  This worksheet will have a section where students will have to cite the the websites from which they get their pictures from.

Students will take the artwork and upload it into Photoshop where they will manipulate the artwork, using different tools and techniques to give it their own artistic touch.  Below you will find the lesson plan, painting guide worksheet, the painting guide worksheet example, and the original painting along with the manipulated painting.

Lesson Plan

Painting Guide

worksheet example



Example of Student Project:

Norman Rockwell


Image Credits:

Norman Rockwell’s  Boy and Girl gazing at the Moon