Education Philosophy

My primary goal as an art educator is to expose students to many different art forms and explore different art mediums so each student will find their own artistic capabilities. I believe that every student has an artist inside and they just need to find the right key to tap into their creative energy.  Art is not just drawing and painting; by experimenting with an array of art mediums, the students will have a chance to find their creative key.

In terms of subject matter, I strive to implement strategies that create an exciting and interesting work environment that will encourage the students to excel in art.  By using theses strategies, students will walk away with the knowledge of different cultures, different artists, and different artistic mediums.  An important part of art is learning.  I will provide my knowledge of art to the students so they have the resources to figure out their own artistic talent.  By providing the right resources, not only will the student find their artistic talent, but they will also be learning more about themselves as a person and gaining self-confidence along the way.

With every lesson, I will be connecting an artist along with the history, so the students are exposed to art and the way it has developed through time.  Student will be able to see what art meant for that culture or time period, and the way the world around them was interpreted.  This way the students will be able to look at various cultures in different way and learn new ways of interpreting the world around them.

I also believe that in order for the student to have a successful art experience, there must be a safe and caring environment.   Students will feel comfortable with being challenged and taking risks artistically while creating their own masterpieces.  They will be asked to create their own work, and to strive to find their inner artistic voice and unlock their abilities.  My hope is for students to gain an understanding of the role art plays in the world and a place for it in their lives.